I was born in januar 1969 in the star sign aquarius. Some say that should probably make me somewhat rain compatible by nature, unfortunately thats not so.

Photography for me is a no-stress hobby thats relaxing, educative and alot of fun.

My preference is landscapes, architecture, animals, maybe a car or two, historical things and more, although studio/portrait photography isnt really my thing.

What drives my interest is fun of being out there, take the photo and see what one can learn from that and improve on next time around.

Camera brands or specifications doesnt really interest me that much, although I keep somewhat eye on what new gear is released.

I could say the same about computers, my preference is Mac (Macbook pro, Mac pro) but I use Windows based PCs aswell. The difference isnt all that big.

Photos is imported into Adobe Lightroom, and edited there or in Adobe Photoshop CC. I also use other programs and plugins now and then.

Computers is connected to 2x Dell U3011 30″ monitors and a Dell 2913″ 29″ 21:9 monitor. All calibrated with Datacolor Spyder color calibrator, and in the field I’m using an X-Rite passport.

Wacom Intous 4 tablet w/pen (Cintiq incoming) is used for finer detail editing, a mouse is still needed for menus/sliders and such.

Having a leg & back injury I try to carry as little as possible, preferably as little as only a camera w/lens when possible.