Everything happens in cycles …ncycle


With the extreme progress in technology from year to year, we see today things we take for granted like modern cellphones, that have more computing power and memory than highend desktop computers had the 90s.

A digital camera produced in 2010 will deliver same picture quality today as it did when released. Compared to a modern camera its no longer a match, the new one will be superior as technology have evolved too much.

In many cases we see cheap modern amateur level equipment match the older pro level equipment, and at a fraction of the cost.

July 2008 Nikon released their D700 a full frame camera with amazing 12,1Megapixels sensor. Its low light performance was amazing compared to many other cameras of that time.

February 2012 Nikon releases the successor to D700 now named D800. With jaw dropping 36.3 megapixels its closing in on medium format camera resolution like Phase One / Hasselblad, at a fraction of the cost.

April 2012 Nikon releases another version of the D800, namely the D800e now without lowpass filter. This model is a fraction sharper than the non-E model.

June 2014 Nikon starts shipping of D810 the successor to both D800 and D800e. This is whats refered to a mid-cycle-release, with a true new model in about 2 years from now.

Its with this model, I decided to convert or upgrade to FX.


My timeline :

1991— – Or so .. Bought an semi professional Sony 805 HI8 videocamera, same as they used to record in the gulfwar with.

… to be updated …

2002-03 – Got Sony Cybershot P71 3,2Mpixel, upgraded from some 2Mpixel camera I had earlier. Was looking into Nikon briefly but cost vs gain was out of proportions.

2005— – Get an free Canon Powershot A400 from work. 3.2Mpixels.

2005— – Buys the Canon Ixus 750 7.1Mpixel. Enough of the 3,2Mp era.

2007— – Decided that pocket cameras didnt give me the freedom or final quality I wanted out of a camera, or the options to change lenses etc. Started seriously looking into Nikon even if I could get Canon much cheaper. Main reason being Nikon was used by Nasa, FBI and such :P

2007— – D300 released, considered but skipped due to cost vs gain, and I knew D90 would arrive “soon”. D700(fx) on the horizon too.

2008— – Nikon D90 purchased and in few days also a handful extra lenses, tripod, bags etc.

2010— – Going into a period where I start consider the future of this hobby and where I want to go with the gear collection. Sticking to cheaper DX lenses limits me to crop bodies while FX(FF) lenses can be used on DX bodies. FX lenses is way more expensive of course.

2010— – Invests into photo color calibration gear, namely X-Rite passport. Also purchases two Nikon SB-900 flashes.

2011— – Order D7000 as camera upgrade, with a professional Nikon 24-70 2.8 FX lens as first step towards a pro collection.

2011— – Order Nikon 70-200 VR II, Nikon TCO-20E-III teleconverter, and misc other stuff. Long backorder on these duh.

2012— – D800 & D800e ships, interesting but tech is too new, cost too high and I’m not yet convinced to go FX body even if I now have some pro lenses.

2012— – Gets the Nex 7 on a business show for photographers, to test out while waiting for Olympus Em5. The interest in Em5 is two sided, in-body stabilizator and olympus great lens quality.

2012— – Gets the Olympus OM-D Em5 with preorder on all lenses soon available. (its a 2x mFT crop camera)

2012— – Ordered the Nikon 14-24 2.8

2012— – D600 nikons first “cheap” FX, 24Mpixels vs 36 on D800. It would be an upgrade and entry level to FX but I pass, not enough upgrade if first going for it.

2013— – Some more Olympus preordered lenses arrives, late but good.

2013— – Beta tests and invests into Photoshop CC with Lightroom. Even with multiple licenses from CS5, CS6 etc, this new CC version with pay per month plan is much better solution and ensures easier and more frequent upgrades.

2013— – “D900″ rumors, something will replace D800 eventually and now it gets more interesting with FX body aswell as tech have matured enough. Setting up a budget plan for that next year.

2013— – Buy or not buy an highend Win-PC for gaming and-or photo editing etc. Decides to give it a chance late end of the year. Turns out speed wise its not much gain vs mac system I already have, but for gaming its some gain.

2014— – Rumors around D810 starts to be hard facts, and seem like an interesting upgrade to D800. Question is, D800 for half the cost of D810 or go “top end”. Months to wait still so got time to think about it.

2014— – Purchasing D810. Tech improvements aside, its easier to resell later than something already 2 years old.

2015— – Future :