Each year in end of august our neighbour town Mysen arranges the yearly event ” Momarkedet ” with various artists entertaining plus a tivoli and stands where locals and others can sell various goods. Arranged by volunteers the income from the event is given to the Red Cross.

For various reasons this years event have been moved from its earlier location at “Momarkedet travbane” (horse race track) and upto H√łytorp fortress. Earlier location have alot more space to offer so this years event is reduced in size, but with a great scenery from top of the mountain.

My main goal for this evening was photographing the music show with artists J. Sparrow and Admiral P later in the evening. As I had plenty of time waiting for that I spent some of the time photographing the stands and the tivoli.

The following was taken in point and shoot style with Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 24-70 (effectively 36-105mm).

All images in lowres 1280p and copyrighted.

Momarkedet 2012 – Lunds tivoli