Monday 6th august I visited Nordens Ark in Sweden.

Bad luck with the timing as it was a rainy day going from light rain to dense rain.

If it stopped raining it where for 2-3 minutes before it continued.

Wet as a drowned cat I carried with me two camera systems, my Nikon gear with the Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR II and the Olympus Em-5 with its 12-50 f3.5-5.6 kit lens.

Both of these systems is weather sealed so didnt care to cover them up but had them hanging over my shoulders or let them rest on the bench when I was sitting down. Both worked out great and still works :-)

Downside of photographing in a zoo is fences and limitations to where one can move or stand when taking photos. Fences can be somewhat circumvented when photographing but its not a bulletproof method and can in some situations leave traces behind like in some of my photos in the gallery.

Majority of the photos where shot through a fence or two, and most of us appreciated the fences as those tigers or leopards did have some big teeths!

The rain didnt help much adding droplets to the lenses that sometimes lead to interesting but unwanted effects in the photos :-)

Wether it was the rain or not I’m not sure of but quite a few of the animals where “missing” at the time. Still got a decent 2k+ of photos to edit.

After about 6 hours straight with photographing it was enough and time to leave for this time. Rainy as it was it was still a good day giving some nice photos and I’ll return for sure, hopefully on a more sunny day.

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