Norwegian summers tends to be a mix of wind, rain, sun…20140722-_722000120140722-_7220002

The other day when visiting Fredrikstad doing the photoshoot of Tall Ship races we got lucky on first half of the day, bit windy but okay.

Second half it got very windy, started to rain and then we got massive rain, a rather cold experience.

Yesterday I fought my way uphill at Trogstad fort, about 27c in the area according to the reading from my car (not sure how precise that is so 27-28ish…).20140722-_722000520140722-_7220004


Today were setting new records, 31-32C in the area which is way hot.


Now I usually dont complain about good weather, but this is bit too much of the good stuff …

According to it might even increase, both in town here and neighbor towns.

First two images from shadow side of the house, last two from sunny side but within the shadow area of that side.temperatures2014