Been out and about all day and last half of the day I decided to spend in Trogstad ontop of the big hill there :-)trogstad_fortress_2

The old military fort was buildt and was ready in 1918 and served an extension to Hoytorp fortress in Mysen. During 12th of april 1940 the fortress was in combat with German invasion forces and hit them at RV22. Later same day the cannons where aimed towards Slitu (Between Mysen & Askim). Lack of range (limited to 11300m) prevented the fortress from hitting targets at Fossum where German invasion forces tried to cross the river Glomma to take Askim.

In 1959 an radar doom and tracking antenna plus commando or fire-control section was installed on the top.

Currently the area is open for the public as an recreation area and museum.

Was hot as hell experience up there, 28c+ afaik and walking around was HOT … fully understandable all them people who where swimming around the pond there instead :-)

Photos will be added soon their edited …