Humac speed and service been great. humac2

Got sms early this morning that I could come and pickup my now repaired Macbook pro retina. On the day one week ago I delivered it for repair.

About five minutes drive leaving home I get a phonecall from an unknown Oslo number.

Turns out to be from Humac service department.

Get to talk a bit with the techie there and well informed about what he repaired and so on.

As expected the LCD screen have been swapped out with a new one due to image retention/ghosting which was a problem with first produced retina machines.

Arriving at Humac store I get more or less same brief explanation and its a warranty case so its free of charge repair job. Get to sign out the box and do another quick tour over to JapanPhoto.


A big thanks to Humac, their staff in the store, the service department guys and the “no problems” quick and excellent service.