IMG_1256Not too often I need to use the macbook pro retina and when I turned it on today I looked at some nasty image retention issue.

Called Humac and made an appointment to deliver it asap for repair. Nearest Humac store is about 25mins drive away so not too far.

Made sure to remove any unneeded files on it, packed it up in its original box and drove off to to the store.

Had a quick chat with one positive employee there about what was wrong and got an estimate on how long it would take to repair.

Got an sms & email directly as proof of delivering the macbook for repair, and will be updated continuously with the repair progress.

Walked over to JapanPhoto to check few things while I was in the area, unfortunately they didnt have anything I needed so I walked outside into the sun again.

On my way out of the store an older photographer guy that was in the store minutes ago commented on what I asked about in the store.

Got a long interesting talk with this professional about photography now and in the old days, this and that, learning new things every day. Well worth the travel all by itself this talk.