tall_ships_raceMore photos from Tall Ship Race will be added as I get around to edit them for posting.


We got over to Isegran island about 13:30 and located the spot we had planned to shoot from.

Then we did a quick detour around the sea side just to check we had the best spot, as we originally planned. And surely our plans where great, no better spots found.

Sitting down there we noticed wind had picked up quite a notch from other side of the river where we came from.

Neither of us had planned for this extreme weather and of course hadnt brought with us any extra warm clothes, after all its supposedly summer !?!


After a while a lady passing by informed us that the ship departure where delayed with about an hour so, now we had to wait about 90 mins rather than 30. And in this weather that would turn out to be somewhat a cold experience.

Closer to 14:45 we got sign of action when first tow boat came upstream, then followed by second tow boat. After those the LOS/pilot boat and a police boat arrived.

About ten minutes later the first sailship (Norwegian ship “Statsraad Lehmkuhl” ) where pulled backwards downstream by the towing boats before they turned it around the correct way just a stonethrow from where we where sitting.

At this time the wind had picked up quite a bit and even if we where sitting down it was getting harder to keep camera still. Now I got another camera on a tripod that I used to video record some of the action but even that one where moving in the wind.

15:28 the 2nd ship Russian “Mir” where being pulled down by the tow boats, again backwards (must be a reason for that …) , and again same procedure when turning the ship around correct way.

Now it also where raining briefly and wind increased once again. Taking shelter behind a tree for a little while and discussing what todo we agreed that enough was enough of bad weather and figured it was about time to leave instead.


On our way back we detoured to the harbor side of the isle (N) and I managed to step over and fall nicely onto the ground, but saved the camera as always hehe.

Found a few boats to photograph from distance and we saw third large sailship where being prepared by the tow boats, so we moved over to the edge of the isle to get a closer look on that sailboat.

On our way there, just couple of minutes walk it started raining slightly more agressive and the people on the tow boats wherent in any hurry either (doh!).


Got a few more shots of that ship “Kruzenshtern” while it was being turned and partially when it was leaving.

Weather gods where obviously not on our side this day as now it was pooring down like crazy and we got soaked in seconds, pointless to try run for cover and jumping into the river would probably been a warmer experience than the wind and rain we now had.

Back at the car it was throw the gear in the back and get in asap, turn the heater up and hope for the best.


Not exactly how we planned the day or could imagine it would turn out, nevertheless a pretty good day with lots photographing so still a success in maybe a bit limited fashion.