More photos from “Gamlebyen” will be added as I get around to edit them for posting.gamlebyen

Arriving in “Fredrikstad” at “Gamlebyen” about 10:10 and about 50mins earlier than planned we got a slight headstart on the day.

Gamlebyen is the oldest part of Fredrikstad and where founded in 1567 on the east side of river Glomma.

Buildt as a fortified town or fortress with water all around it its a special part of Fredrikstads history and a popular tourist magnet.

For most part of my time in the army in the late 80s I was stationed in this town as entire gamlebyen was considered an army base with civilians living inside the fortress walls.

This suited us soldiers perfectly as then we had access to pubs, cafes, shops and what not within armlength reach. The minor downside of it was we had to be fireguards at night and got extra patrol duty as the town is full of very old buildings buildt of wood, like the ones in the picture in this article.

Since then the army have moved out and all buildings is now reused for other things like museums, gallery etc.


Theres lots of buildings and details to photograph and more than one can get around todo in one day. This day we also had to photograph the “tall ship race” which required us to be on the other side of the river so we had to plan some extra time to get over to there. With that in mind we picked up speed and ran around to get as much done as possible before we had to leave.

When moving around fast one tend to forget some detail and without me noticing it one of my cameras was set to higher iso than prefered, something that ends in more grain than prefered. I dunno wether it was our speed, or carrying two cameras or whatever made me overlook that fact but done is done and better luck next time etc. Photos from that camera is still usable just not as detailed and clear as wanted. As said, this is what one learns from :-)

Our limited time schedule ment we had to focus on the bigger things and do half of those. So run and gun paparazzi style, moving from spot to spot fast as possible. We still had time to get something to eat from a well hidden cafe, with worlds smallest toilet :-)

Photographing the outher areas, the moat around town, details like cannons / signs / lamps and what not we had to skip for this time.

When approaching west side of town near the river we did notice some heavy wind which we would get more of later.

Around 12:20 we left “Gamlebyen” to get over to “Isegran” an isle on the west side of the river and there prepare for the ships leaving town.