delkin1b delkin1aFriend and I plan to go to Fredrikstad & Gamlebyen to visit the “Tall Ship Race” and take photos of both the old village (Gamlebyen) and the ships at dock and when their leaving.


Got up extra early as I expected an express-over-night delivery to be on the doorstep early this morning, between 0800-0900 they claim in their sms warning.


At 07:45 phone rings and lady doing the express deliveries just wanna check if i’m home first as this is an┬áresidential address not commercial. Few minutes later the car arrive at the door and I get handed over a box with the Delkin Sensorscope cleaning kit I need NOW.

Rushing to the table where two cameras lays waiting for cleaning. Ripping up the arrived box while taking a few quick snapshots of it while unpacking.

I do the sensor cleaning in a hurry and verifies the result is good on both cameras before I them down in the already way to heavy backpack. Finally sensors clean again, phew.

Sending an sms over to the other photo geek with news I’m ready ahead of schedule and we can leave anytime.