Besides photographing I have other projects in the works where some have taken far more time than predicted. Alpha/Beta testing various programs have always been a challenge timewise and last year one of the companies I’m testing for ran into a series of problems which pushed their release date far ahead, effectively over a year ahead.

In short this means I’m having less time for photographing than I’d like and thus have to prioritize the time I have.  Should I go photographing or editing photos …

Current backlog :

1/1/2013 – TBA – Restoration of tons of old photos – Few batches delivered but still plenty more todo.

9/3/2013 – Solbergfoss Kraftstasjon – Solbergfoss powerplant – Indoor photos of the old powerplant.

30/3/2013 – Medevac – Air ambulance (Ec135) landing at Esso’n (Gas station).

20/4/2013 – Høytorp excursion – Open day at Høytorp fortress, misc tunnel / fortress photos and market photos.

1/5/2013 – Østfold Mønstring Amcar – Tunejordet – Amcar meeting at Tunejordet with lots of veteran cars.

5/5/2013 – Confirmation in the local church & social photos from the party afterwards.

15/5/2013 – Glava Tour – A “mini tour de france” through our city Askim.

17/5/2013 – National Day 17th of mai – misc photos from national day.


Priority is other projects first, photography next, editing photos in due time …